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SAT 30th APRIL 2022 - 6pm til MIDNIGHT

MANDOWN 2 will see 50 ambitious challengers complete a series of Navy Seal, Royal Marine, and SAS-inspired tasks that will test them not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Carried out in the shadows of the Garth mountains after dark, MANDOWN 2 will plunge challengers into a world of sensory deprivation, empowering them to draw upon their own internal strength and personal attributes to complete the various themed stations.

Open to men and women who want to challenge themselves and see how mentally tough they really are. All based at the GREEN MILE TRAINING CAMP in the hills of Taffs Well, CARDIFF. 




MANDOWN 2 is a mental resilience challenge for up to 50 candidates that will push each individual physically, mentally and emotionally. The event will take each candidate into a world of sensory deprivation, discomfort and emotional instability that will encourage out personal attributes they perhaps were not once aware of. 

Chris Flynn, Head Instructor and Co-Founder of The Green Mile Training Camp, says “With extra help from Covid and lockdowns we’ve all become accustomed to this very safe, very sanitised lifestyle. We don’t take risks, we don’t challenge ourselves, and many of us are feeling stale, unmotivated, and like we’re just going through the motions.


“That’s exactly why we’ve designed our MANDOWN event; to get us all stepping out of that comfort zone we’ve relied on for the last year, to put ourselves in unusual and challenging environments, and discover more about our strength, resilience, and ability to do what we never thought possible.”


1700hrs - BRIEFING - 50 candidates will arrive at The Green Mile Training Camp, where they will be met with a group of ex-forces instructors. They will go through a kit muster and a briefing as what to expect.


1800hrs - MANDOWN BEGINS - The first station will involve candidates being led to the top of Craig yr Alt mountain, where candidates will experience a a military style fragging to warm up. 


1930hrs - EVENTS - Upon returning from the mountain candidates will be split into 4 groups, each group rotating through four separate stations led by ex-special forces instructors. Each event lasting 60 minutes, Stations include - 


STATION 1 - Navy Seals BUDS training

STATION 2 - Psychological operations (PSYOP)

STATION 3 - Royal marines WW2 obstacle course

STATION 4 - Team challenge 


2330hrs - FINAL EVENT - The remaining candidate’s from each group will culminate for the top-secret final event.


1200hrs - Hot food, de-brief and presentation with the ex-forces instructors and other candidates.

  • Who can enter?
    Anyone above 18 years old. Open to both Men and Women ready to test themselves on the mighty monthly 500 events.
  • How fit do I need to be?
    You need to have a good standard of general health and fitness . You will be physically active for at least 6 hours on the night. We are not looking for professional athletes, We are looking for individuals that posses something a little different from others, this event is about mental fortitude. Can you push beyond your own limits?
  • What kit do I need?
    Once booked we will send you an exact kit list of what you need to bring on the night. Below is a guide and example of what the kit list may look like, but will be refined closer to event- What to wear - Candidates are required to wear outdoor trousers or sports leggings (no denim), a long sleeve top, gortex/waterproof jacket and good outdoor footwear (mountain or military boots, trail runners or trail shoes). Day-sack (packed with)- head torch with spare batteries 2 x litres water 3 x chocolate bars 1 x pack of boiled sweets or equivalent spare long sleeve warm top spare socks beanie/hat Spare additional DRY kit to get changed into after the event.
  • What if I cant do some of the challenges?
    You will NEVER be told to leave the event if you cannot complete a physical challenge. We know everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Our Instructors will know your limits and will seek to bring the best out of each candidate. However you WILL be told to leave if you continually fail to give your best effort. Our instructors are experienced in identifying those who are not putting in the required amount of effort.
  • Is this a competition or a just a challenge?
    This is not so much of a competition, but a challenge against yourself. MANDOWN is an experience, carefully designed to encourage out the best attributes in every candidate. Each candidate will leave having discovered newly found personal traits such as; personal leadership skills, humility, and calmness under pressure. These are all traits that can be applied to every day life, family and the workplace.
  • Are there prizes?
    There is no trophy, there is no Medal! The prize is winning against your own mind. However.. At the start of the event, every candidate is entrusted with an exclusive MANDOWN hat to wear throughout the night. It will only become yours if you manage to stay the duration of the event. Otherwise you MUST hand it back.
  • Is there food provided?
    Oh Yes, a feast of food is supplied on completion of the event (even if you quit) A range of hot food such as curry, chilli, breads and other snacks are on the menu.
  • Are there changing rooms?
    Changing rooms and lockers are available on site. If you wish to use, please bring a padlock to securely lock your belongings. It is a secure and private facility but we advise that phones and valuables are left at home or in cars. There will be a secure lock box for car keys and all cars are parked next to the offices.
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